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QLB - What does QLB stand for? Acronyms and abbreviations by the ...
Acronym Definition; QLB: Quedlinburg (Germany) QLB: Quick Launch Button (Hewlett-Packard) QLB: Quantum Light Breath (meditation) QLB: Queue-Length-Based Scheduling

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QLB Designs
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Life Insurance Business Unit . Specialising in: Life, Disability and Dread Disease Cover ; Investments / Fixed Deposit / Savings: Offshore and Local

File Extension .QLB Details
The QLB file type is primarily associated with 'C and QuickBasic-DOS and Visual Basic' by Microsoft Corporation.

How to Add Routines to Quick Libraries (.QLB Files)
The following information describes how to add routines to Quick libraries (.QLB files) using their corresponding .LIB library files or their original .OBJ

LIB.EXE Displays .LIB Contents, QLBDUMP.BAS Displays .QLB
You can display the contents of a .LIB library file using the LIB.EXE library manager that comes with Microsoft QuickBasic versions 4.00, 4.00b, and 4.50

QLB: A Quantified Logic for Belief - Microsoft Academic Search
This paper describes QLB, a quantified logic of belief that is a possible extension of the modal system KD45n to predicate level. The main features of QLB are that

Follow the qlb tag on his blog for updates until this site gets organized. He also tweets about it all the time. The name


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